Customer Testimonials

(Some of these comments are older but after over 25 years of helping our customers, we are proud that our customers have always thought it was worth recommending Biscount)

Gidday, I can't say enough about the ease of use of the new version 7, all our staff are very happy with the new features. Even though times are tough and the drought is still in full swing, the small upgrade price is well worth the end results. Thanks to Richard and Peter who must have had a multitude of dreams about Biscount code and were able to fix the small hitches in the beta version very rapidly. Having only had Biscount for 8 months I am very impressed with the responses to suggestions and problems we have found. We really do wonder why we suffered under such woeful backup with our previous software supplier for so long. Thanks again guys. Bob Ollie's mowers (2004)

"Brilliant, you can see the practical background in the features provided." (1995)

"I cannot recommend this programme more highly to you as being one of the easiest and most comprehensive programmes available to our Industry (Power Equipment). I am amazed how they can fit so much in the programme for so little money."

"I'm no computer genius, but have an idea of what I'm doing.  I think your system is user friendly.  It's an excellent system"

"I'm really enjoying using it. I was one of the worst for (not) using on-line help but on-line help is fantastic!"

"We have changed over to Biscount and are very impressed with the speed and features.  We should have changed over a long time ago.  Feel free to use us as a reference if you like."

"The biggest fault Biscount has is that it's $6000 under-priced."

"After using Biscount and talking (to dealers) using many other programmes that have been written for the Agricultural Industry, I am now fully convinced that Biscount is not only better, it's priced many thousands of dollars below programmes with far less features."

"Back in 1988 we purchased a computer and a Marine Dealer Stock & Accounting programme. The programme was the only one of its type available at the time....I couldn't recommend it as it was not complete and just had too many problems. Also at $6,000 (in 1988!) it was too costly."

Since then I have looked at many other programmes, but none were good enough to do the job that we needed. However, I have now discovered Biscount....I have been so impressed by Biscount...The programme has many great features such as the ability to load the complete Marine Power price list in about 15 minutes The old programme took about 15 hours. Also the stock files take up less than a quarter of the previously used space and Job Cards, Invoices and Orders are quick and simple to enter. Biscount  is well worth the money. It will pay for itself in under 12 months."

"We are using the whole programme and it's fantastic!"  (Bernie - Mower City - Lavington)

Biscount IS better, there is no comparison.
BISCOUNT is the fastest, most practical and powerful Stock and Accounting Package available.

Don't pay more and settle for less!

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