Biscount supports UNLIMITED stock items and accounts.


Point of sale - BISCOUNT supports Retail, Sales tax exempt and Wholesale sales. A receipt printer and cash drawer can be attached if required, removing the necessity of a separate cash register.

Price Look-Up - Biscount uses ys your version of a Supplier's Price List. The Retail and Tax Exempt prices are displayed, with your Cost prices concealed but available at a keystroke.

Reference Screens - Lists of up to 40,000 Items (saves looking up printed lists). Directly accessible during sales. Fast - you can sell 5 or more items in less than 60 seconds without knowing the part numbers. You can create your own Reference Screens or buy them ready-to-use.

Customer Orders - Tracks Items ordered by customers or for repairs. Biscount prints labels for items when they are received for Customer's orders and deducts deposits paid.

Supplier Orders - Both daily and stock orders. Electronic interfaces to Power EDI, Stihl Link, Honda Link, AGCO’s Dealer Link and Yamaha’s ordering systems.

Automatic serial number tracing - Records supplier and purchaser information without additional input, for instant recall when required.

Monthly Sales History for each Item - Identifies sales trends. Provides better control of stock levels. Reduce total inventory and increase available cash.

Customer Equipment List - A list of each customer's equipment including the date of sale, product, serial number and price. This is updated by sales and can be modified manually.

Wildcard Searches -You can find items using only part of the stock number or item description in your stock file or the suppliers price list .

Automatic Supersession stepping Biscount automatically steps  through superseding numbers and checks for stock of
each number.

Standard Customer Discounts - Each customer can have a discount set for use as the Default Discount in a sale.

Additional Mark-up by Brand - Additional Mark-up can be added to the final price by price breaks, and for a specific brand if required.

Report Generator - Generate your own reports. Apart from the many preset reports, you can create reports for your specific needs.

Auto Number Format - Biscount has Auto Number Formatting so you find Item numbers irrespective of how they were originally formatted. 

Stock Item Memos - Create notes for any Stock Items. Very handy for comments on pricing, special deals etc.

Comments on Sales - You can add comments to an invoice and the comments can be stored for re-use.

Bar Codes Biscount will print Barcodes on standard printers and also Special Label Printers. Sell items by scanning the bar code. Automatic conversion of manufacturers' bar codes to your stock numbers.

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