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A computer with the right programme helps you to be more productive, make more money and save you time. Many programs on the market are not practical to use in your business, are difficult to use or are expensive to buy or maintain.


BISCOUNT is widely recognised as an extremely powerful and reliable package for Power Equipment, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and similar industries. Biscount has been developed over a period of 25 years

BISCOUNT is a powerful, fast, easy-to-use general purpose Point of Sale package. Biscount is fully integrated, with Stock Control, Customers' and Suppliers' Accounts, Accounting, Workshop Biscount Interfaces to multiple on-screen parts imaging and Electronic Ordering systems.  Advanced management tools to assist you.

IDEAL FOR FIRST-TIME USERS - If you have never used a computer before, you can grow into Biscount at your own pace. Biscount is designed so that you can start using the computer immediately, you don't have to understand all of the features to benefit from using Biscount. You can add stock as you go, add customer's details "on-the-fly" and your sales tax claims are done at the push of a button. On-line context-sensitive help is a key-press away

PERFECT TO UPGRADE FROM ANOTHER PROGRAMME - Are you unhappy with your current programme? Is it only a DOS programme runing in Windows? Does it have poor or expensive support, lack of upgrades or inadequate on line help? Is it unreliable, difficult to use and slow to respond to your suggestions and the latest developments? Biscount is your solution! Biscount Software can convert your existing data to simplify the change to BISCOUNT.

WHY BISCOUNT IS YOUR BEST COMPUTER SOLUTION - Biscount is easy to use. Biscount is innovative with the latest developments in software available now (Biscount was the first programme with Honda-Link support and the first Australian programme to have CD-ROM on-screen parts interfaces). Biscount is very fast - Price File input is up to 50 times faster than other packages. 

BISCOUNT handles major stock and parts for an unlimited number of brands using manufacturers original numbers. The number of stock items is only limited by your computer's storage. A large stock file exceeding 80,000 items does not degrade BISCOUNT's performance.

BISCOUNT assists you to more effectively manage the critical functions of your business and gives you more time to do the things that are important to you.

BISCOUNT is not an accounting programme with a stock module added on. BISCOUNT has been developed as an integrated Stock programme, that is easy and practical to use. 

BISCOUNT uses manufacturer supplied Price Discs to update your current prices and simplify the input of new records. (You can adjust the prices to your preference).

BISCOUNT supports many Manufacturers Price Discs including the OPEA standard.

Installation - Installing Biscount is very simple and can be performed by anybody!. Free on-line assistance for installation and set-up is available 7 days a week (conditions apply).

Please Contact Us for further information on Biscount or contact your nearest Biscount Dealer.

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