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(All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and include GST)

Point of Sale, Stock Control, Accounting, Marketing, SMS Messaging & Workshop with multiple imaging interfaces.
Multi-user licenses available.

Biscount is available for a very affordable rental payment per month.  The initial contract is for 12 months.


Full Stock Control, Accounting, Marketing, Workshop and POS modules            $37.15 per week

Network Users

Licence fees are based on total computers running Biscount.

2 Users ADD $6.25 per week
3-5 Users ADD $19.15 per week
6-10 Users ADD $33.95 per week
11-20 Users ADD $49.60 per week

Network Licence fees are added to the Package Price.

Support and ongoing costs

Renting Biscount means there are no Annual Fees.  You get new developments and features for the one Rental Payment.  This ensures that you keep up to date as new features are added (such as new interfaces to on-line ordering and imaging systems).


Rental Customers have 50 Support calls included in the Rental (A Support Call is defined as a 5 minute call).

Data conversion (Stock Data, Name Details, etc.) from other systems available. Price on request

Biscountís Monthly Rental Plan

Having Biscount as your Dealer Management System is easier than ever, just one inexpensive payment each month, removing the initial cost hurdle to improving your business efficiency.

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